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Welcome to the first MOOC for “Digital skills and tools for Young Female Entrepreneurs” Thank you for participating in the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that has been produced by TEI of Athens ,BFI and OUNL


The Digi-Fem Massive Open On-line Course (MOOC) will offer specially designed Open Educational Resources (OER) and learning pathways on the main thematic areas of startup basics (business planning, supporting technology infrastructure, digital marketing and social networking), built around a business scenario development approach. Each thematic area will integrate learning content, best-practice scenarios and on-line, step-by step planning through the integrated use of the Digi-Fem toolkit. The Digi-Fem MOOC, available 24-7-365, aspires to offer young female entrepreneurs with valuable, readily applicable competences and skills, within a highly motivating and flexible environment. The main aim of the Digi-Fem MOOC is to be addressed to end users with EQF 5. Moreover, it will be directly linked to the mentoring and networking services, thus facilitating the establishment of business partnerships around Europe.

The modules of the MOOC

  • Unit 1 Business Plan
  • Unit 2 Supporting Technology Infrastructure
  • Unit 3 Digital Marketing
  • Unit 4 Social Networking

Expected results

After having completed the Digi-Fem MOOC, you will have acquired the necessary constituents of startup basics, such as classic good business planning sense (including financial and risk planning) blended with new technology enhancements (web advertising, e-commerce infrastructure, exploitation of social media and networking). Moreover, you will have acquired the desired skills and competences within a highly motivating environment, since you will be working on the creation of their own business scenarios


  • Acquaintance with MOOC and its contributors
    Module 1 business planning
  • The Business Model Canvas: A Tool for Entrepreneurs
  • Customer Segments -Value Propositions
  • Channels -Customer Relationships
  • Revenue Streams- Key Resources
  • Key Partnerships
  • The Cost Structure
  • Presenting A case of Business Model Canvas
    Module 2 supporting technology infrastructure
  • The Business Model Canvas: A Tool for Entrepreneurs
  • Internet technology
  • Web technology
  • Internet-access software applications
  • Managing e-business infrastructure
    Module 3 digital marketing
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Online Marketing strategy for Digifem entrepreneurs?
  • Online marketing tactics
  • Social media marketing Edit
  • Monitoring emergent trends

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